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We have created an online system which allows guided reading and semantic search of the text of Giordano Bruno's De gli eroici furori.

The choice of De gli eroici furori was primarily determined by its philosophical nature,
which permits to detect sophisticated conceptual structures. Moreover, the subdivision of the book into various dialogues permits to follow the diachronic development of concepts, thus serving as an ideal case study for our application.

For the realization of the prototype, we decided to delineate three interpretative variants revolving around a single conceptual unit (intellect), and to take into consideration three different dialogues: I,1; I,4; II,5.
This selection was aimed at highlighting the evolution of the conceptual unit across De gli eroici furori. A relevant example is provided by the relationship between love and intellect: love enlightens intellect (I,1), which is defined as visual potency (I,4), up to the vision of the image of the highest good (II,5), which is the proper object of love (I,4).


In the demo, concepts - which are subdivided according to the dialogues in which they occur - are displayed next to the text of De gli eroici furori. Both text and concepts can be searched by textual search with TauRo-core. Query results consist in a list of occurrences with context and in a list of topics relevant to the interpretation.

Users can navigate separately the work and its interpretation.
Besides, during the navigation users can choose to jump from maps to text - activating a search for topics' variants within the book - and from text to maps, selecting highlighted passages linked to specific concepts.

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