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Signum gained a remarkable experience in analysing and processing humanistic texts, which resulted in the development of a search engine for XML documents: TauRo-core.

In this research field, in collaboration with the Istituto Nazionale di Studi sul Rinascimento, a demand has emerged for a system aimed at developing semantic research and aids for the reading and interpretation of philosophic texts. In particular the system allows a guided reading by means of a schematic visualisation of the concepts, represented with topic maps in accordance with XTM standard, and allows to search, by TauRo-core search engine, in text and in concepts themselves.
Since the different interpretations (topic maps) are described through a XTM standard that is a XML text, we can use TauRo-core to search in concepts.

General objective of our project is to create a system for managing interpretations, by topic maps, of philosophical texts and at present shows a demo on Giordano Bruno's text De gli Eroici furori.

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